Stephanie König

Schamanen Österreich

My work deals with all those energies that underlie life, with the different levels of reality and their manifestation. My knowledge of the meaning of darkness and the purity of light in the heart and soul of every human being, supports only the personal healing and transformation, for the whole nature and for all that is animated.

My work offers assistence and serves for passing on knowledge. For many years I have been a shaman, have received several initiations in traditional shamanism and I preserve in my work as a shaman the shamanism in its original, traditional, pure and unadulterated form. I attach great importance to this during shamanic journeys and other seminars.

INTERVIEW with Stephanie König

How did you become a shaman?

Stephanie König: I became a shaman because I brought my foundation for it into this life. In my soul this expressed itself as an urge, as a longing that I could not understand for some time. To open the depths of my soul with courageous steps and to consciously decide for my vocation was the starting point of my way as a shaman. It was the beginning of an intensive training and a far-reaching study. This also meant that my everyday life has changed through my increased awareness. The renunciation of amusement and social distractions turned out to be beneficial and yet I actively participate in everyday life. I call the ancestors only in trance, which enlivens and activates immensely.

Where did you learn to be a shaman?

Stephanie König: I did part of the training in „Licht aus der Jurte  – Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and I found another teacher in Siberia, Bair Shamabalovic, in The Tengeri Shaman Organization. For western thinking shamanic trainings seem mostly full of irrationality. But they lead to specific healing actions which the shaman performs in a different state of consciousness. Ancestral powers are never made manageable in everyday life, they handle themselves, are never annoying but rather take the burdens of others. I work without aids or drugs, my tools are the shamanic singing, drum and bell.

How was the Shamanic Clinic Europe established?

Stephanie König: From my tasks and my work as a shaman it was a logical conclusion to manifest a centre that is available to people in need of support and to welcome those who want to follow their shamanic vocation. Every change starts with the work on oneself, one’s own life practice, one’s own consciousness.

Licht aus der Jurte - Schamanin Wien