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Power of the ancestors
In this video the shaman calls the mountain ancestresses in the mountains of austria. In the traditional shamanic ritual he calls the spirits of the mountain who guard the riches of the earth. For healing and peace he calls the green man, the shepherd warriors and the owners of the mountain. With shamanic power he calls the helping beeings of the mountain, the wild woman, the mythical woman, the owners of the springs, the ancestral souls, the fairy folk.
Martin Goldmann is shamanic teacher in the Shamanic Centre Europe,
„Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ 

Schamanenritual für Mutter Erde auf der Schamaneninsel Olchon. Baikalsee – Sibirien



Ritual for Mother Earth on the Shaman Island Olkhon

Shamanic Initiation –Stephanie König – Shamanic Centre Tengeri – Sibiria

Shamanic Initiation
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