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  • „The weapons down“
    von Regina Hruska am Dezember 5, 2023 um 5:25 pm

    „Weapons down“ (Bertha von Suttner) or the treasure of peace. Do you also count yourself among the „good people“? Are you one of those who help others, who call themselves spiritual, perhaps even call themselves shamans? Who practise yoga, who are proud of their classes to teach spirituality to ignorant humanity? Do you exclude those [...]

  • shamanic journey
    von Regina Hruska am November 7, 2023 um 6:34 pm

    The shamanic journey in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ is a special, great shamanic ritual and takes place at selected times. When during the shamanic journey clouds of smoke from the melting resin of the larch tree and the tears of the incense tree and other incense are rising, when the drum is [...]

  • Healer training
    von Regina Hruska am Oktober 7, 2023 um 4:01 pm

    In ancient schools of healing, the heart sanctuary was the focus of spiritual training. The healers saw the different bodies of the human being, paying particular attention to the „body that desires“. Imagine that this body surrounds us on all sides and, in the constant inflow and outflow of its energies, determines not only our [...]

  • Shamanic Chant – Shamanic Prayer
    von Regina Hruska am Juni 5, 2023 um 4:57 pm

    Shamanic Chant – Shamanic Prayer Our shamanic path in prayer and chanting follows the power of the ancestors. Shamanic chant, shamanic healing song and shamanic prayer mean to be aware of the past. A short example from norse mythology In the language mysteries of the North, people were given the ability to speak. In shamanic [...]

  • Death and Afterlife – Shamanism
    von Regina Hruska am April 5, 2023 um 4:29 pm

    Death and the Afterlife – Shamanism of the future Western man, with autonomous consciousness and with Western biblical monotheism, has created a space for himself that excludes death. In healing shamanism we make ourselves aware of how death was integrated into life in past cultures. This is not nostalgia, not a longing to bring back [...]

  • Shamanism of the Future – Part I
    von Regina Hruska am Februar 22, 2023 um 6:28 am

    Shamanism of the Future – Part I The captivity of European Shamanism In large parts of European shamanism we notice a lack of movement, a clinging to shamanic practices that have become useless tools in the spiritual. They try to create satisfaction, to offer people distractions, to lure them with special offers (certification, masters, yoga, [...]

  • Shamanism of the Future Part II
    von Regina Hruska am Februar 22, 2023 um 6:27 am

    Shamanism of the Future Part II The challenges of shamanism We at the Shamanic Centre Vienna know that the withdrawal and clinging to the old, the worn out, promotes violence and war. We are also aware that we all live together in a tremendous potential for violence fires from spiritual sparks. We push the boundaries [...]

  • Shamanism of the Future Part III
    von Regina Hruska am Februar 22, 2023 um 6:26 am

    Shamanism of the Future Part III New shamanic rules This also implies that future shamans will only be accepted into shamanic training after they have completed the training „Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism“ and have undergone a selection process. They must be able to clearly distinguish between work in the earthly and in the spiritual. [...]

  • Peace in Europe ?
    von Regina Hruska am Februar 15, 2023 um 11:37 am

    Peace in Europe ? Interwar period in Europe Hell has come closer to us this year. „War for Europe is quietly whispered.“ The war for Europe can come as quickly as an earthquake that cannot be foreseen. An awful lot of people are already in a combat zone in one form or another, in a [...]

  • regenerative agriculture
    von Regina Hruska am Januar 19, 2023 um 6:43 pm

    Regenerative agriculture The media is telling us every day: „Food prices are rising. The cost of some products has doubled.“ However, it is not communicated that our food industry is in a severe deficit. Our food system is dependent on products from monocultures, industrial farmland, fossil energy, imports, fertilisers and pesticides… This creates wastelands, deforestation, [...]

  • Sacred Tree
    von Regina Hruska am Dezember 22, 2022 um 3:50 pm

    Sacred tree – for as long as there have been humans, the tree has been a part of their homeland. It has always been more than just a part of the landscape. It was an organism with multiple symbolic relationships, a sacred being. Sacred trees The elemental force of life is revealed in the sacred [...]

  • Brother Tree
    von Regina Hruska am November 17, 2022 um 4:26 pm

    Autumn is approaching its end, the last fruits have fallen and the last seeds have found their way into the earth. November fog is bringing moisture, the dark, damp of the season has begun. An Advent with worried people, with a concerned humanity in the midst of the facts that each one of us experiences: [...]

  • Teachers of shamanism
    von Regina Hruska am Oktober 26, 2022 um 7:38 pm

    Teachers of shamanism: During the last months in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and in „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ we have had numerous conversations with people who want to be trained as shamans. One thing in particular that we have noticed, or rather what has shocked us, is that many people who feel attracted [...]

  • Agroforesty systems
    von Regina Hruska am September 30, 2022 um 11:02 am

    The increases in the prices of gas, gasoline, electricity, and food, etc., are forcing more and more people toward the cheap foods, away from healthy foods. It is a feeling as if a dark blanket is being placed over the things that are really needed. We are witnessing incompetent politicians, directed by corporate powers and [...]

    von Regina Hruska am August 9, 2022 um 2:55 pm

    The transformation on earth is unfolding before us along with many questions and phenomena. Iron masks of fear and distress are covering the face of souls and the divine light is increasingly darkening. The dance of known and unknown demons is obscuring planet Earth. For the moment, we have to take this for granted. It [...]

    von Regina Hruska am Juli 11, 2022 um 6:13 pm

    In the current crisis, farmland has suddenly become especially precious. Will the made food crisis cause a rethinking of the people towards healthy food, which our organic farmers, smallholders and Demeter farmers could provide us with? Let’s remember: the soil fatigue of Europe’s agricultural soils is estimated at about 30 million hectares. Our fields have [...]

  • The energy of ancestors
    von Regina Hruska am April 17, 2022 um 3:32 pm

    ancestral energies work unconsciously in the collective memory for a long time until their time has come and they seep to the surface. Last summer, when the pandemic and the ensuing controls were felt by everyone, an additional virus manifested, which many people called the virus of dictatorship. Since that time, it was evident that [...]

  • Peace or Apocalypse
    von Regina Hruska am März 6, 2022 um 7:02 pm

    From the shamanic point of view there are always uncertainties concerning the future. It was not foreseeable, how fast the western and eastern world be rushing towards each other like icebergs. If one takes a look into the war zones, one might think that the human mind has been switched off and that a dark [...]

  • Permaculture in agriculture, in the garden, in traditional healing shamanism
    von Regina Hruska am Februar 15, 2022 um 3:41 pm

    When I reflect on permaculture today, it is not in the same way as I did many years ago when we started it in the healing garden of „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“. Agriculture and permaculture have been forming the cultures in Europe for thousands of years, but this has changed fundamentally. All [...]

  • Nuclear Power Plants – No thanks!
    von Regina Hruska am Januar 4, 2022 um 11:06 am

    Nuclear Power Plants – No thanks! There are many monsters on this planet at the moment. In recent days, an already well–fed new beast crawled out of hiding. European debates about the reintroduction of nuclear power, the „green deals“ behind the made pandemic hysteria, have been going on for some time. I would like to [...]

  • Shamanic trainings – shaman rock in Austria
    von Regina Hruska am Juli 5, 2021 um 1:15 pm

    Shamanic trainings – shaman rock in Austria This year, in the seclusion of the deserted mountain, the shamanic trainings took place for a few days. These are challenging on a physical – emotional – mental and spiritual level. Nothing for shamanic impostors and actors. The efforts made this time brought about a quantum leap in [...]

  • Unprecedented economic crises
    von Regina Hruska am Februar 9, 2021 um 2:19 pm

    Unprecedented economic crises People keep asking me what we can do in these threatening times. As a shaman in Vienna, it is not easy for me to respond to the current crisis, because the interrelationships are very complex and contradictory. I don’t have a tangible picture, we are standing at a gate and have to [...]

  • Healing instead of control
    von Regina Hruska am Januar 4, 2021 um 2:20 pm

    Healing instead of control It could be that more and more people realise that the current situation no longer has much to do with the realities of our lives. In the mainstream media, it’s the same thing every day: the numbers of people suffering from covid, vaccination doses, vaccination plans, those willing to vaccinate, those [...]

  • Lockdown
    von Regina Hruska am November 18, 2020 um 2:32 pm

    Lockdown People, societies and the earth are facing fundamental changes. The excessive activity has subsided, although many still believe the stories of the good fairy who will set everything right. We all face obstacles that violently try to express their true ess ence under false pretences. The whole earth is infused with insecurity. A virus [...]

  • Easter 2020 – Shamanic Training
    von Regina Hruska am April 13, 2020 um 1:52 pm

    Easter 2020 – Shamanic Training During this trainings we found, that our european shamanism contains every old shamanic practice everywhere else in the world. Our souls operate in spiritual worlds, as well as in mundane world. Our special knewledge comes from our contact with the ancestros. We can seek guidance for the european shamans in [...]

  • Chicken
    von Regina Hruska am April 6, 2020 um 1:50 pm

    Chicken To have power, to rule means to set up rules, to establish them and to monitor their compliance in a variety of ways. This is what we are currently experiencing and some of us are beginning to understand the framework in which people see the world. But Easter is just around the corner and [...]

  • Our food using the example of corn
    von Regina Hruska am März 29, 2020 um 2:01 pm

    Our food using the example of corn Our food is at least as important as protective masks, gloves and respirators for the medical system, which has been brought down in recent years. Everyone will agree with me that now we are slowly learning to get out of our western hyperindividualism and realize that we belong [...]

  • Our earth from the view of the helpful spirits
    von Regina Hruska am März 21, 2020 um 3:05 pm

    Our earth from the view of the helpful spirits in „Licht aus der Jurte – Shamanic Centre Vienna“ The time had come when the earth had been put in danger by barbaric powers. The corridors for weapons and technologies that are destructive to humans and nature are still open. The people are startled, luxury shopping [...]

  • Awaken – Meditation
    von Regina Hruska am März 16, 2020 um 3:08 pm

    Awaken – Meditation From heaven and earth we have inherited the gift of being creative, loving beings. There are many forces that envy us and create conflict and destruction. The powerful community of microbes, as old and wise as humanity, has suffered great damage in the Earth’s network of agro-industries and has sounded the alarm [...]

  • Water – the challenge for our consciousness
    von Regina Hruska am März 9, 2020 um 3:10 pm

    Water – the challenge for our consciousness The life element water comprises everything, humans, animals and the nature as a whole. According to the view of healing shamanism, its qualities are the universal, the indeterminable. Water is itself defined as an element, because it helps living beings to live, because it binds life to itself. [...]