Shamanic Clinic Europe

The work at Shamanic Clinic Europe offers helpful support in case of mental or physical imbalance and disharmony on various levels. It leads to the connection to one’s own self, the radiance inherent in all human beings, and serves to expand knowledge. There is support through shamanic journeys which take place regularly, in seminars and individual works.

For many years I have been working as a shaman, a profession to which a person is rather called, led and sometimes urged, by spiritual powers which remain mostly hidden to our everyday eyes. The knowledge that one of my tasks as a shaman is to create a place which is open for every concern of a human heart, which offers support, which provides knowledge, in which joy and suffering are accepted and in which the path to wholeness with the help of spiritual powers for the benefit of man, nature and all souls is the only goal, led to the creation of the Shamanic Clinic.

Traditional shamanism has always been rooted in every culture around the globe. The rites and techniques differ from place to place but the meaning is the everywhere the same.

Shamanic Power is

Energy and movement

Can be experienced by everyone

Provides life with strength, joy, happiness and self-expression in one’s own being

It opens the inner life forces, the personal life potentials, the goals in life and the consciousness

Global networking  in motion, with the imaginable and the unimaginable

Sunbeam meets soil moisture in the Shamanic Clinic

The open gates of the heavenly fields that send their concentrated blessing power into the granular, loamy earth. Blessing power, which is provided along strong roots, branches in warm regions of the mother Earth, the place strengthening underground.

The tentative ray of the spring sun, that prophesies abundance and awakens its manifestation power in every nucleus. The shy warmth of the spring sun lures the first green out of the nurturing womb of the earth that provides a homeland. The splendour of colours of the first messengers of the resurrected nature is shining in order to praise the approaching energy of the actively.

The heat and sending fire from the zenith of the firmament fills the storehouses of life with the purest power of fire. It starts to approach its dance with the drops of water in atmospheric condensation. Until both are discharged into ecstasy. Water dances on the sharp edges of the lightning to add its rhythm to the thundering bass of world music. Branches and leaves sway in the fortissimo of nature.

The dancing shadow of the treetops on the yellow glowing leaves which proudly display their splendour in front of the yurt door of the Shamanic Clinic when the dancing heat quietly exhausts itself.
Raindrops, whose weight becomes audible at the moment when they hit the yurt roof, are artfully reinventing their forms upon impact.

Mist curtains that shed mystical knowledge. Dunsty vapours surround the proud colours to awaken the spiritual eyes.

The perfect crystals of the snowflakes like a blessing of heaven are intertwined on the layered stones of the natural altar. Their white community mutes the beat of the drum that emerges from the interior of the yurt, sheltered under tree branches.